November 13, 2016

Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve taken the time (or made the effort for that matter!) to provide an update to progress on the layout and this web site.

As is often the case, the summer season took its toll and while overall progress continued, it slowed noticeably from the pace experienced throughout the spring.

Having said that, the new custom diamond (more on that in a future post) is in and operates flawlessly! Many thanks to all that were involved in it’s design, development, assembly and installation!

The diamond allows 2 main lines to cross 2 main lines at a 76.7 degree angle. This has allowed us to double track the entirety of the mainline giving us a true 400+ foot double track main. The main has also been completed and is once again fully operational.

Also, the new yard is operational! Initial feedback is that it is simply awesome! Thank you Chris Seguin for your spectacular effort to bring this to fruition from concept and design right through the construction and installation phases!

While the turntable has been set up, work does continue configuring and laying track for the engine facility. We have also discussed the potential for some industrial switching opportunities using present “open space” at the swing bridge end of the yard. Change is constant and for the better!

Scenery progress continues in many areas which helps to promote the perception that trains are moving through a varied and vast area as they traverse the layout.

We have added a new drop down menu entitled “Tutorials” on the web site. This is an area where we can share “how to” type information. The first installment is titled “Turnout Indication Using LED’s” and shows a couple methods we have employed and found to work for us.

Lastly, we’ve been discussing capital raising and donation receipt possibilities to fund required infrastructure additions (SE8c’s) and upgrades (DCS240) for those items and areas on the layout that have some deficiencies. We shall be happy and thankful to accept donations large or small to assist us in this regard.

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