December 20, 2016

Key items in this blog:

  • recap of pizza/slide show night
  • recap of our first operations night
  • creation of a You Tube Channel and access from our web site
  • Essex Train Show 2017

Pizza/Slide Show Night – December 7, 2016

We had a great turnout … go figure – free food! LOL … where the group devoured 3 king size pizzas. Thank you to Chris Seguin for the refreshments to wash it all down.

Following the pizza, Joe Lemay provided a slide presentation from some of his photographic adventures over the years. While the trains themselves were very interesting, so were the settings in which Joe captured them. There were more than just a few remarks along the lines of “boy, has that area ever changed!”.

Thank you Joe for sharing with us.


Operations Night – December 14, 2016

All in all, our first attempt to truly “operate” our layout was a resounding success! As was to be expected, there were a few minor “glitches” that were either identified for future maintenance or immediately resolved. In any case, none of these issues resulted in the layout not performing. One of the larger issues we discovered was that the installation of our new Digitrax DCS240 DCC Command Station resulted in an incompatibility with the version of JMRI we had on our computer. This prevented the use of phones, ipods, etc from being used as wireless throttles. As a result, we’ve taken on the task of upgrading the computer to alleviate this situation.

Our You Tube Channel

You may have noticed a new drop down menu here on our website titled Videos. This drop down contains a simple sentence with a hyperlink to You Tube in a new tab. Here, we will be able to upload our videos and make them available to the world wide web.


Essex Train Show 2017

Mark the dates on your calendar! The annual Essex Train show with take place on February 25-26, 2017 at the Essex Public School in Essex Ontario. Further details with be forthcoming in early January. Please direct questions to Marnie Aldridge via email  or by phone at 519-776-9800.

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